The Vision




TSTTBR will provide housing for 30 residents.

TSTTBR will provide employment for 30 people.

TSTTBR will provide vocational training for 10 people every 30 days.

TSTTBR will provide work rehabilitation for 30 residents.

TSTTBR will provide life skills training for all of its residents. By using a tailored fit program developed by TSTTBR.

The detailed plan to achieve these objectives is as follows:

 Phase one:

Acquire housing in a rural area such as Gwinnett County that will house at least 30 residents. And also acquire housing in a more urban area such as Lawrenceville where public transportation is accessible. Our objective is to remove people from the environment where they frequently use drugs and alcohol. They will not be allowed to make any phone calls while they are there and their entire focus will be on recovery based curriculum, developing and implementing new living skills, and spirituality. They will not be able to leave the premises without staff supervision for 35 days. After 35 days they will be allowed to attend recovery meetings in the community with a staff escort. This is phase one of the program.

Phase two of the program:

Residents will relocate to the urban house where they will go to work at the retail store and the call center. The retail store will be open from 9am-8pm and the call center will be open from 9am-9pm. There will be three four hour work shifts. This is the work rehabilitation portion of the program. They will receive $10 per day for working and will be paid every Friday. Work rehab is designed to get them back into the workforce, provide job training, create a resume, provide a recent work history, and to pay for their stay in the program.

 We will also put $10 a day into savings for each resident for every day that they work. This money is to enable them to have some savings and to open a bank account.

 We plan to rent these houses from the owners and sustain them through donations, grants, fundraising ventures, and the proceeds from our retail store and call center. As we continue to build our financial reserves we will then purchase these houses.

 We also plan to rent a commercial office space to house our call center and retail store. The call center will be used to raise donations and simultaneously provide residents with job training in customer service, telemarketing, sales, and fundraising. This is how they will pay for their room and board.

 The retail store will employ our program residents also. We will sell new retail goods such as clothing, accessories such as purses, wallets, jewelry, perfumes, cologne, hats, cosmetics, and etc. We plan to employ a minimum of five employees in the store.

 The retail store will sell new merchandise such as clothing, art, shoes, accessories, caps, hats, ladies handbags, sunglasses, and etc.

 The call center will be used to solicit donations for The Stones That the builders Rejected as well as for other non-profit organizations. It will also be used to market new clients for for-profit companies such as auto dealerships, mortgage companies, and etc.


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