Street Ministry

"Where three or more are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them!"

We are non-denominational and we believe in living like Jesus and His disciples lived, not just talking about it, not just preaching it, but living it! In other word’s, making a difference in the lives we touch. We are not your traditional “Ministers” in the legalistic sense. Two definitions of Minister are: 1.)  To attend to the wants and needs of others. 2.) to give aid or service.

We know that God meets you wherever you’re at and in whatever state you’re in. We have not arrived and we are all arriving. Jesus hung out with and dwelt with the lowly, the dejected, the sinners, the homeless. We come from the street and went back to the streets to reach out and touch people right where they are. Not where we think they should be! We are not God. We love and accept them all unconditionally. Sin merely means to miss the mark. We all do that based on Romans 3:23. And we mean that in the most basic sense.

Religion without compassion and love is not of GOD. Jesus condemned the Pharisees for that. We at “The Stones That the Builders Rejected Street Ministry” all come from the gutter and are living, breathing, walking testimonies of the power of GOD!
We are educated and talented in various areas. But the best degree we have is in “Surrender 101”! And we are all at different stages of that too. We stay out of God’s way and let Him show up and show out.!

  1. Liz Lebron says:

    Beautifull!!!! God Blesss Always!!

  2. Rpatters38 says:

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  3. snumbQuowbaws says:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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